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Little Pomona Hot Pink Hard Rain Ciderkin

Made from the second pressing of apples with the addition of water, this is our modern interpretation of an old historic drink, ciderkin. We also like to think of it as upcycling pomace.

This version of Hot Pink brings together one of our favourite apples, Kingston Black, with Chinook hops grown by the award-winning Brook House Hops in the field right next door to our cidery. We then condition with local, organic blackcurrant cordial.

Simply put, it’s a super refreshing, naturally sparkling juice bomb that marries the grapefruit of the hops with the intensity of blackcurrant and the crunchy bite of the apples in a truly astonishing and delicious way. Summer picnics and barbecues just got a whole lot better!

Serve very well chilled. Gently rouse sediment before pouring. Enjoy with a tangy Cheddar.

Gluten free, vegan friendly and no added sulphites.