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ODDBIRD ROSE - Non Alcoholic

Country: France

Region: Languedoc-Roussillon

Grape: Chardonay

  • Granny Smith apple, Citrus and Summer berries
  • Vegan
  • Terroir - light, stony, clay and limestone

Sparkling wine made from a well-balanced rosé d’assemblage of Chardonnay white wine and Pinot Noir red wine from the French region of Languedoc-Roussillon. Liberated from alcohol.

Served as an aperitif or with dishes of fish, chicken or salads.

Moa Gürbüzer is a former family terapeut and social worker with over 2 decades of experience. She worked mainly with alcohol related family issues and saw, first hand, the detrimental effects of alcohol on our society.

She was astonished by how recurrent so many of the issues were and realized there need to be a structural change. She quit her job and, in 2013, she started Oddbird. Her vision was to question and change the alcohol norms of society by creating world class wines but liberating them from alcohol. Today Oddbird is the largest producer of wines liberated from alcohol in Scandinavia.