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Krohn Porto Lagrima White Port

Krohn White Ports are blends of wines produced from white grapes grown mainly on the Upper slopes of the Douro Valley. They balance fresh aromatics with richness and body.

Krohn Lágrima Fine White Port is a very sweet white Port of rare quality, aged for a full seven years. Excellent apéritif, to be served chilled.

Golden white. Fine, developed aroma with floral and fruity notes. Deliciously sweet but lively. Unctuous and full, finishing with a honey taste.

The wine benefits from being served chilled, between 6ºC to 10ºC. The particular qualities of this wine allow it to be enjoyed over an extended period of time once opened, without losing its freshness and vibrancy. Optimum drinking time after opening the bottle is within one month.

Vintage: NV
Grape: Codega, Verdelho, Rabigato 
Region: Douro 
ABV: 20%