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Glencadam 11 Year Old Single Malt

This bottle of Glencadam 2011 11 Year Old Single Malts of Scotland Parcel 10 is an independent bottling which was produced in the Highland region of Scotland by The Single Malts of Scotland. It is presented with no added colour and without chill-filtration, allowing the expression of Glencadam to shine through.

It is relatively unusual to see independent bottlings of Glencadam. Their spirit is traditionally very flowery and silky. This dram is sure to drink very nicely, well worth trying.

Nose – Freshly baked lemon cake with cinnamon sugar and coconut cream.  Beautiful floral notes develop and balance against notes of fresh orange juice. 

Palate – A lovely creamy texture with a little dry spice prickle carrying flavours of stone fruit and honeysuckle with a hint of tarragon in the background.

Finish – Nectarines and ground ginger intermingle to create a long-lasting end.