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Cocchi Vermouth Di Rosso


Cocchi Vermouth Di Torino is the original recipe that was first produced in 1891 and has now been restarted as part of Cocchi's 120th birthday celebrations!

Nose: The fruitiness of the nose is the first thing that jumps out at you, full of fig, plum, and orange zest with star anise and a mildly musky undertone. Part and parcel to the grapey, juicy note is the Moscato grape, an intensely aromatic variety, which plays with the botanicals in the blend to create depth and intrigue that draw you right into the glass. 

Palate: Despite the depth of flavor, Cocchi is light and agile on the palate. Notes of rhubarb, bitter orange, chamomile, and a grapey Moscato base stand out, along with baking spice, cocoa, vanilla bean, and bitterness from gentian and wormwood.

Finish: Sweet rhubarb notes stick around on the back of your tongue, along with a lip-smacking mild bitterness.