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Bel a Ciao Vin Orange (FRANCE)

Country: France
Region: Libourne
Grape Variety: Semillion, Sauvignon blanc
Producer: Olivier Cazenave et Chateau
ABV: 13%
Production method: Skin contact, Vegan
Tasting notes:

+ Floral notes and beeswax on the nose

+ Flavours of orange blossom, citrus fruits, lively and complex

+ A lick of bitterness from the tannins on the finish



Growing up in Libourne, it was inevitable that Olivier Cazenave was to fall in love with the world of wine, but it’s his revolutionary approach to winemaking and desire to break the rules that sets him apart.

Because of Olivier’s somewhat “revolutionary” approach to winemaking and love of breaking the rules, in such a traditional region, he created the Bel a Ciao label ... named after a revolutionary song which also features in La Casa de Papel on Netflix (you’ll need to Google it!). Here he produces an exciting Semillon, Sauvignon Blanc orange wine, with grapes sourced from a friend’s vineyard, which by 2021 will be organic. The Semillon grapes come from really healthy vineyards in the Entre-Deux-Mers, harvested in early September, a little later than other varieties. No added Sulfites are used during the harvesting process.