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Date Night Selection with Fizz

An upgrade on our famous Date Selection Package.

Three Cheese's

One Choice of Fizz

One Packet of Torres

All for the wonderful price of £49!!!

3 Cheeses:

Alp Blossom 100g, A delectable Alpine cheese coated with edible herbs and flora.

Murcia Al Vino 100g, The vibrant red wine coated goats cheese from Murcia 

Brie de Meaux 100g, The traditional Brie the only French kiss you need for valentines

Choose 1 of following:

Cremant d'Alsace - Notes of Brioche and green apple

NovaPalma Prosecco - Notes of biscuit and peach

Tutum Ba Cava - Notes of Citrus and quite Earthy

Choose 1 of following Torres Flavours:

Black Truffle, Iberico Ham, Cured Cheese, Olive Oil, Paprika

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