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Koshu Japanese Orange Wine


Country: Japan
Region: Honshu
Grape Variety: Koshu, Fuefuki
Producer: Château Mercian
ABV: 11.5%
Production method: Vegan

Koshu grapes are grown in the Fuefuki district, one of the 13 cities located in Yamanashi Prefecture. Harvest takes place from late September to early October. This wine spends 3 weeks on skins to achieve the vibrant apricot-skin hue. Fermentation in a stainless steel tank at 24 to 26 degrees for about 28 days, in an oak barrel at 20 to 22 degrees for about 14 days. The wine spends 8 months in oak barrels.

Faint reddish orange hue. Sweet and gentle aromas of apricot, apple compote, Darjeeling, old Rose with subtle vanilla notes are derived from 8 months in oak barrels. The complex palate from the skins and seeds of the Koshu grape come from gentle skin contact, this creates a three-dimensional feeling in the mouth.

Cheese Pair: Picos Blue - Strong cheeses