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Meet the Culture Starters - Pure Roasters

Meet the Culture Starters - Pure Roasters

We caught up with Glasgow-based Pure Roasters to find out more about their coffee brand and their innovative bean blends.


When and why did you start your business?

We started roasting coffee in 2019 when our coffee shop started selling more bagged house blend than anything else on the menu.  Me (Robert) and my business partner (Don) used to have daily meetings over coffee and shared frustrations about how pompous and inaccessible good coffee could be in the UK.  We started asking our customers what they wanted in a cuppa and worked our way back.

How was it starting out?

Pure Roasters was formed right before COVID lockdown, so to say it was a bumpy ride would be an understatement.  We took a lot of great lessons from starting out in a tough economy.  We've adapted and conquered the many obstacles so far by staying positive and providing a personal connection with our customers.


What has your business journey been like?

My own business journey has been 14 years long as of now.  I started out selling records online which progressed to running record shops. Record shops turned to cafes and cafes turned to coffee roasting.  I've learned a lot and have lots to learn. 


What does the future hold for you? 

This year Pure Roasters will move more into trade supply, we hope to court an excellent regional distributor and put 2 pop-up coffee bars on the road.  We also have plans to launch a single origin range and will continue to release quirky micro-batch coffees such as our whisky barrel aged beans. 

Pure Roasters coffee is available in-store now.