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Verdant - Headband 440ml

COUNTRY: England
ABV:  5.5%
STYLE: Pale Ale

A beautifully balanced beer where the pale, crystal and Munich malts really help amplify the hops juicy qualities. Layers of flavour on the palate; tropical fruit, citrus fruit, smelly cheese and caramel all working together. A bitter and sweet profile working harmoniously.


Like all the best young craft breweries, Verdant came from a humble home-brewing background, founded by Adam, James and Rich, realising their vision of doing what they love for a little bit of money.

That was only back in 2014 and they are now completely accepted by beer lovers all over the country as one of the very top UK breweries. It's very impressive, and human instinct is to try and decode the complexities of this rise to critical acclaim, but the simple reality is they have the knack of making seriously good beer, day in day out.