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Country: Germany
Region: Mosel (Germany’s most Northern Wine Region)
Producer: Weingut Sybille Kuntz
Grape Variety: Riesling
ABV: 12%
Production Method: Organic, Bio-Dynamic

  • Caramel and fudge on the nose

  • Freshness and high acidity

  • Grapefruit and orange pith fruits on the palette

  • Notes of spice and a touch of wheat beer yeastiness

  • Pair with: Hard and semi-hard sheep cheeses, Feta


Sybille Kuntz is renowned for being a traditionalist who is open to new trends. She’s also one of the few women in Europe who is Chairman and chief winemaker of a traditionally male-dominated wine industry!

Sybille took over her family estate in the early 1980’s. She had opened a wine shop a few years earlier and realised that her parent’s wine was poor compared to others in the region. She thought she could do better and was right!

Sybille now farms the 45 acre estate with her husband Markus along strict biodynamic principles. Her wines have a complexity, freshness and modern appearance that puts them amongst the best in the region.

Orange wine is a type of white wine made by leaving the grape skins and seeds in contact with the juice, creating a deep orange-hued finished product. Typically in white wine production the grape skins are removed.