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Snowdonia Mini Truffle Trove 150g

Created with expertly graded and crafted Extra Mature Cheddar produced in North Wales, the cheese also features Black Summer truffles sourced from the Italian region of Marche. This luxurious combination, kept in white wax, delivers a balanced flavour with undertones of wild mushroom, earthy hazelnut and notes of garlic.


Our truffles are sourced from Italy, where for centuries they’ve grown in the sun-drenched ground beneath the holm oaks and hazelnut trees. These rare and delicious delicacies must be foraged with great skill and are prized throughout the world. We discovered that their unique, earthy flavour pairs beautifully with our Cheddar, extra-matured and expertly taste-tested to ensure it delivers strong savoury characteristics and a delectable sweetness.