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Res Fortes Rouge (FRANCE)

Country: France
Region: Languedoc-Roussillon
Producer: Res Fortes Wines
Grape variety: Grenache, Syrah, Mouverdre
ABV: 14%


  • Blackcurrant and strawberry flavours with oak on the nose

  • Rich with cocoa and vanilla notes

  • Silky smooth with a hint of cinnamon


Inspired by childhood summers with his wine-loving grandfather in the South of France, Moritz Bak’s fascination with the world of wine began.


Devoting himself to the study of wine and winemaking, he worked at some of the world’s greatest vineyards, and when he was ready returned to the south of France armed with both knowledge and a vision. Having carefully selected and nurtured his vines, he produced his first vintage in 2014. Acclaim and awards soon followed.

This passionate mountaineer’s winery Res Fortes is named in tribute to his own love for a hard climb and the fortitude of those like him who have followed in the footsteps of the ancient Romans who scaled and civilised this highland corner of southern France.

As well as the wines themselves, Res Fortes’ elegant bottles and label design prove that the most modern and sophisticated drinking experience can grow from the toughest terrain.