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Krasna Hora - Ruby (CZECH REPUBLIC)

Country: Czech republic
Region: Morivia
Producer: Krasna Hora
Grape variety: Zweigelt, St Laurent, Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cab Sav
Production Method: Biodynamic, Natural

Sour cherry, bright red fruits with weight and richness.


Krasna Hora is a family winery on the gentle sloping mountains in Stary Poddvorov. They own 5 hectares of vineyards growing on the Southern and Southwestern slopes of the loess subsoil. No herbicides used, only preparations that they make.

Each variety is fermented separately in 1000L barrels for one month on skins in open vats. After malolactic fermentation the wines mature for 8 months in 500L oak barrels before blending. Unfined, unfiltered and very little sulphur.