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Father's Day Cheese Selection

The perfect gift for any foodie, without breaking the bank! Our selection is a great introduction to the finest cheeses we have on offer. These real crowd-pleasers will keep any dad happy this Father’s Day.  Outstanding cheeses showcasing the very best.


Rock Star, a distinctively rich cave-aged Cheddar, is matured to perfection within Welsh slate caverns in the heart of Snowdonia. It has a deliciously savoury aroma, while its texture is irresistibly smooth and creamy with the occasional crunchy crystal – a highly desirable characteristic of aged cheeses. On the palate, its complex umami flavours are as deep as the caverns it is aged in. Sweet caramel notes then lead to a long finish with a savoury tang. 


Known as “Drunken Goat” in the States, this cheese is from South East Spain, Murcia al Vino is made from the milk of Murciano-Granadina goats. These are well acclimatised to the heat and aridness, grazing on the rich grass and wild herbs, resulting in a very flavourful cheese. While the rounds of cheese are maturing, they are immersed twice in red wine, which gives the rind a red colour. The texture is firm, but extremely buttery.


Hebridean Blue is a marvel of the cheese world, its pattern as striking as a stormy Scottish sky. Made by Jeff and Chris Reid at Sgriob-Ruadh Farm on the Isle of Mull, this cheese is a contender for Britain’s bluest blue, a canvas of marbled artistry. Mature and robust, it channels the strength of a highlander into full-bodied saltiness, tangy depths, and a peppery warmth that resonates with every bite. This spicy, salty, and sumptuously creamy cheese is a Scottish icon, a must-try for blue cheese aficionados.




All cheeses are 100g.