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Camembert Du Bocage

One of France’s most emblematic and most popular cheeses, the Camembert is almost an institution of French gastronomy. The soft round covered with an ivory bloomy rind encases a cheese that is buttery, with a mild, sweet, and fruity flavor, and a velvety texture that develops as it ages.

Camembert is as crowd-pleasing as a cheese can get, and much like brie, is usually the starting point for any cheese board. Our Camembert is a classic choice, made in Normandy like all Camembert cheeses to be called such. The milk comes from cows from the Orne region in the North of France, where it is produced and aged for a little over a month to fully develop all its flavors.

Camembert is such a versatile cheese, just as home on the cheese tray as it is baked in its own box and served with seasonal fruit, crackers or just a fresh baguette. Although most people will serve Camembert interchangeably with its famous cousin, Brie, it has a funkier flavor and more nutty, woodsy notes, so it’s a bolder choice. No matter how you choose to serve it, this French favorite is a must-have of the foodie pantry.

Cows Milk - Traditional Rennet - Unpasteurised