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Kovidinka, Oscar Maurer (Serbia)

Country: Serbia
Region: Fruska Gora
Grape Variety: Kovidinka
Producer: Oscar Maurer
ABV: 11.5%
Production method: Organic, Vegan, Low sulphites

• Savoury notes of quince and baking spices
• Plenty of volcanic minerality on the nose.


Kövidinka (or simply Dinka) is a pink-skinned grape variety thought to have originated in Hungary. There it is used primarily to produce simple, white wines. It is also grown in Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and elsewhere in eastern Europe.

Oskar Maurer works without herbicides, pesticides, and minimal sulphur on the side of Fruska Gora mountain in the far north of Serbia.

Light and super juicy Serbian orange wine made from a pioneer of natural wines. Grippy and generous on the palate. 4 days of skin contact. The juice ferments and ages in 500l old Hungarian oak for 8 months.